Maintaining Vinyl Window and Door Frames

The true beauty of vinyl windows and doors is that they come closer to being maintenance-free than most exterior building products.

Although rain usually does a satisfactory job removing dirt from vinyl window and door frames, follow these simple instructions if necessary, to keep them clean and looking as good as new.

Normal Maintenance Tips

  • Use a soft cloth or long-handled soft-bristle brush to wash frames.
  • If necessary, use a mild abrasive cleaner such as SoftScrub®, Ajax®, BonAmi®, etc. (Note: the use of any abrasive material could have a detrimental effect on the surface of glass and window or door frames.)
  • Do not use cleaners containing aggressive organic solvents (such as chlorine bleach; liquid grease remover; strong soaps and detergents containing organic solvents) because they could damage the surface appearance of the vinyl.
  • Use the readily available household cleaners listed below for tough dirt and stains such as top soil, caulking, rust or mold and mildew. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on use of cleaners.
  • Avoid washing windows with high pressure spray.

Cleaners to Remove Stains from Vinyl and Wood Door Frames*

Bubble Gum

Fantastik®; Murphy Oil Soap®; Solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water; Windex®


Lestoil® DAP (oil-based caulk) Fantastik®


Pen Fantastik®; water-based cleaners


Fantastik®; Lysol®; Murphy Oil Soap®; Windex®


Fantastik®; Murphy Oil Soap®

Lithium Grease

Fantastik®; Lestoil®; Murphy Oil Soap®; Windex®

Mold and Mildew

Fantastik®; Solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water; Windex®

Motor Oil

Fantastik®; Lysol®; Murphy Oil Soap®; Windex®




Brillo® Pad; SoftScrub®




Fantastik®; Murphy Oil Soap®; Windex®



Top Soil

Fantastik®; Lestoil®; Murphy Oil Soap®


North Star does not endorse proprietary products or processes and makes no warranties for the products referenced herein. Reference to proprietary names is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to imply that there are not equally effective alternatives.